Mel & John – Music & Art Duo

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It’s All About Reinventing Yourselves

The Longer We’re Together, The More We Grow

After playing music professionally for over 30 years, (If you’re here, that’s why you’re here), it was time to add another category to our resume. We had the luck of living most of our lives right on the New England shore. The years of walks collecting sea glass and smooth pebbles were so special. Now Mel is reliving those walks by using them to create unique art. She also paints in a variety of mediums.

Having a passion for wood all his life, John, (that’s me), took up woodturning. I am having the time of my life creating beautiful wooden objects. I can only relate it to the feeling I got when I started playing the guitar and realized I could actually play songs (9 years old). It is so much fun and game changing. Most of my turnings are useful objects. All are beautiful and decorative pieces of all kinds of wood.

Find a new passion!

Reinvent Yourself!

It’s Amazing!!!

Thank you for finding Us. We hope you enjoy our music and artwork